About Us


Decon Safe Touch is our tried and tested, non-toxic universal antibacterial spray and hand sanitiser designed to protect you and your surroundings from harmful germs, bacteria and deadly nasties In all situations. Home, office, travel & school!

With a quick spray, its non-corrosive formula acts super fast on hands and bugs alike!

Decon hand sanitiser doesn’t stop there, the sanitiser formula is equally effective on hard surfaces with our independent testing producing some amazing results! Toilet door handles, Shopping baskets etc!


The Decon 72 Day Safe Buy & Try

We say it works, we know it works and so do 10,000+ other Australians! But do you? Why not Buy & Try for 72 days? Either your 100% satisfied or we will give you your money back! That’s our guarantee!


Hand Sanitiser | Surface Sanitiser

“So much more then just a hand sanitiser, I carry it all the time spray it on shopping trolly handles and the shopping bags when I get home! Awesome stuff!" ScottyL. 

“I suffer from eczema and can’t use the gel stuff it burns! I tried a heap of hand sanitisers until I tried this. I carry Decon now. I find if anything it soothes and helps my skin condition’’ BrittC97

Lab Results

Decon hand sanitiser initial laboratory and scientific results showed the true capabilities of our Aussie formula going to work on some of the world's most brutal killer nasties.

Golden Staph, VRE, MRSA 99.99% for a minimum of 24 hours!

Further testing was completed for E-coli on by AMS Laboratories in Sydney who certified that Decon kills E-coli 99.99% offering a huge protection cycle of up to 72 hours.

See More Lab Results Here 


100% Australian Ingredients 

The secret patent pending Aussie formula consisting of Silver as the active ingredient, Eucalyptus Oil and Aloe Vera juice has been tested under some of the most rigorous world testing methods. Patent Pending in 8 countries inc. Australia, Japan, Canada, UK, and the USA.


Decon hand sanitiser is eco-friendly, through and through!

Delivered to your door FREE OF CHARGE* & CARBON FREE in biodegradable and compostable shipping bags. *Min spend $37.00

We go the extra mile to stay 100% Carbon-Free throughout our manufacturing, shipping and delivery process. Decon is:

Manufactured in a facility that runs on 100% renewable energy.

Packaged in bottles made of recycled material and featuring labels printed on recycled paper.

Wrapped in biodegradable and compostable packaging material.

And that’s not all. We believe that being environment-conscious requires a commitment to support communities in need. To this end, we donate a significant percentage of our profits to reputable charities and causes. 

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